Possible Causes of Foundation Damage


The house you have inherited from your grandparents or parents is an asset that needs to be well maintained. With housing costs at an all-time high, people are looking for ways they can cut down on rental payments. Through inheritance, you can focus your income on other high priority expenses. However, the sign of relief is only guaranteed if you understand that the strength of a house lies on its foundation.

6 November 2017

4 Tools Which May Be Used to Demolish a Concrete Structure


If you have decided to demolish a concrete building on your property so you can build a new structure on the land, you may be wondering about the different tools which may be used by the demolition crew to complete the job. Below is a guide to some the tools which may be used during the demolition of a concrete structure. Jackhammer A jackhammer is a handheld tool which features a pneumatic piston which drives a hammer up and down at great speed.

14 September 2017

Four Signs You Need Recycling as Part of Your Next Demolition Project


If you are paying a damage contractor to tear down an old home or commercial structure, you can opt for the company to just haul everything away, or you can choose to do some demolition material recycling. Wondering if you should add recycling to your wish list? Here are four signs you should consider it. 1. You Don't Want to Send the Old Structure to the Landfill Worldwide, waste from materials used in building accounts for half of solid waste in landfills.

11 September 2017