Damage Contractors: What You Need to Know

For many years, I had no idea what a damage contractor even was. However, all that changed when a pan of hot oil caught fire in my kitchen and set fire to my house. Half of the property was completely destroyed by the fire but thankfully, my family made it out OK. Once the fire service had finished doing what they needed to do, I called in a team of damage contractors who helped to clean up the property and to demolish the parts which could not be saved. I have since rebuilt the house on the same plot of land.

4 Tools Which May Be Used to Demolish a Concrete Structure


If you have decided to demolish a concrete building on your property so you can build a new structure on the land, you may be wondering about the different tools which may be used by the demolition crew to complete the job. Below is a guide to some the tools which may be used during the demolition of a concrete structure.


A jackhammer is a handheld tool which features a pneumatic piston which drives a hammer up and down at great speed. Jackhammers are often used to break up concrete walls and floors. They may also be used to break up road surfacing such as asphalt which surrounds the structure. While they are very effective tools, jackhammers can generate a lot of noise. If you have neighbours, it is important that the necessary precautions are taken to limit the effect of noise pollution. For example, the work crew may limit the times of day when the jackhammer is used.


An excavator is a piece of heavy construction equipment that features an extendable boom arm, which is typically fitted with a large bucket. The primary job of an excavator is to dig holes. However, the arm of an excavator can also be used to push over walls and other structures. Once the wall collapses, the bucket on the excavator can be used to pick up this waste so it can be placed in the back of a heavy truck and transported away. The demolition team may also bring a range of other accessories which can be attached to the end of the excavator's arm, such as pneumatic hammers and pulverizers which can be used for weakening concrete structures.


Bulldozers are often brought in during the final phase of a demolition. Bulldozers are used to flatten down the earth that has been worked on and to collect any final pieces of concrete and other debris.


If the structure you wish to demolish is very large, the demolition team may recommend the use of explosives to bring the whole building down at once. If this is a case, a specialist will assess the structure to establish the type and quantity of explosive needed and the locations it should be placed in. Once the building has been brought down, the team will work to clear the debris from the site.

If you would like more information about the demolition of concrete structures, you should contact a demolition service.


14 September 2017