Warren Russell

3 Signs That Show You Need House Restumping Done


If your home is old, there's a good chance it's time for restumping. Old homes were often built on timber or concrete stumps, which can settle over time and cause problems with the house's structure. Restumping involves replacing the old stumps with new ones, which will raise the house back to its original level. This can help improve the home's structural integrity and make it more comfortable to occupy. Here are some common signs that you may need house restumping.

29 November 2022

Commercial Property Maintenance Tips


Proper property maintenance is the easiest way to maintain the appeal of your commercial development. Most property owners underestimate the benefits of conducting regular repairs. Over time, they experience a high tenant turnover since the building has defective systems that make tenants and their clients affordable. In the long run, the owner incurs hefty fines from the local council and significant property renovation costs. You can avoid this by making property maintenance an ongoing activity from the moment tenants move into the property.

19 January 2022

Three things to check before a property demolition


Have you been told that your home is unsafe? Perhaps your property has been a victim of storm damage and you have discovered that the cost of replacing the roof or rebuilding the walls is too costly to be viable. Perhaps the property was not damaged in a storm but has a foundation problem that has made it unstable. Maybe nearby building work has damaged your foundation to such an extent that it can't be repaired.

18 March 2021

All You Need To Know About Salt Damp


Salt damp is a condition where salts and moisture damage the paint, foundation and walls of your building. The phenomenon is commonly experienced by people who live in areas with soils that have a high salt concentration. Read the excerpt below to learn more about salt damp, including how to prevent and deal with salt damp in your home.  How Does Salt Damp Occur?  There are two stages of salt damp.

17 July 2020

Top Insights When You Want To Rid Your Home Of Asbestos


Asbestos is a controlled substance that needs special attention during removal and subsequent disposal due to the many health and environmental hazards. In Australia, asbestos was banned entirely in 2003, but it is still present in some homes that were built long before the ban came into force. However, homeowners wishing to remove asbestos from their property have to seek the services of a licensed contractor to safely dispose of this material in special landfills.

11 July 2019

Should You Attempt to Plaster a Wall Yourself?


If you're trying to renovate your home to create a more functional space, you may need to knock down certain walls and build others elsewhere. You may be creating an open-plan living area or converting an existing bedroom into a suite, but either way, you will need to make sure that the job is done well and finished correctly. When it comes to finishing, this may well involve plastering. If you're not familiar with this skill, is it something you can do yourself?

1 July 2019

House Restumping Questions: Do You Need to Move Out?


While your contractor may not be in a flap about restumping your house, you may find it a stressful experience. Having problems with your foundations is never much fun. If you've never had a house restumped before, then you may not know how this will affect you and the contents of your home. Will you need to move out while the work is done? Do you need to do anything with your home's furniture and contents?

29 November 2018

Possible Causes of Foundation Damage


The house you have inherited from your grandparents or parents is an asset that needs to be well maintained. With housing costs at an all-time high, people are looking for ways they can cut down on rental payments. Through inheritance, you can focus your income on other high priority expenses. However, the sign of relief is only guaranteed if you understand that the strength of a house lies on its foundation.

6 November 2017

4 Tools Which May Be Used to Demolish a Concrete Structure


If you have decided to demolish a concrete building on your property so you can build a new structure on the land, you may be wondering about the different tools which may be used by the demolition crew to complete the job. Below is a guide to some the tools which may be used during the demolition of a concrete structure. Jackhammer A jackhammer is a handheld tool which features a pneumatic piston which drives a hammer up and down at great speed.

14 September 2017

Four Signs You Need Recycling as Part of Your Next Demolition Project


If you are paying a damage contractor to tear down an old home or commercial structure, you can opt for the company to just haul everything away, or you can choose to do some demolition material recycling. Wondering if you should add recycling to your wish list? Here are four signs you should consider it. 1. You Don't Want to Send the Old Structure to the Landfill Worldwide, waste from materials used in building accounts for half of solid waste in landfills.

11 September 2017